5 recommended Korean Dramas on March 2010

These are five recommended Korean Dramas on March 2010 that take rating over 15% and with good love story


Chunno aka Slave Hunter is a Period drama. The plot revolves around the blue-blood Lee Dae Gil (jang-Hyuk) who becomes a slave Hunter after his whole family was killed by his slave. Firstly, Dae-Gil wanders only for looking his beloved woman, who also is his ex-slave, Un-Nyun/Kim Hye-won (Lee Dae-Hee) but later he finds that his woman marries to another man, Song Tae-Ha (Oh Ji-Ho) and Dae-Gil must be involved as well in royal-court dispute.

Chunno is success to rake rating over 30% both Seoul and Nationwide for the latest episode (ep 20) (source: Dramawiki). As planned, Chunno will end on March 31, 2010 with totally 24 Ep.


Loving You a Thousand Times aka I Love You Ten Thousand Times has just ended on March 7, 2010 with totally 55 Ep. The drama tells about a couple-married that desperately try to conceive a child but are unsuccessful. But later, “the wife” uses surrogacy as a way of conceiving a child without telling her husband. The peak story happens when the surrogate mother (the woman carrying the couple-married child) falls in love with “the husband’s little brother”.

The actors are Lee Su-Kyung (play as Go Eun-Nim), Jung Gyu-Woon (play as Baek Kang-Ho), Ryu-Jin (play as Baek Sang-Ho), and Go Eun Mi (play as Lee Sun Young). In the last episode, the drama was success to rake rating over 30%.


Pasta is one of culinary Korean Dramas broadcasted by MBC. As well as Loving Thousand Times, it has just ended on March 9, 2010.

The story revolves around a young woman kitchen assistant who dreams to become Italian cuisine chef named Seo Yoo Kyung (played by Gong Hyo Jin). She has been three years to work at Italian restaurant,”Mamma Mia” then until one day a new chef was invited to work at the restaurant. Choi Hyun Wook (Lee Sun Gyun) is a chef who went to Italy for studying in culinary school. But, the owner of restaurant, Kim San (Alex) hires not only him but also his girlfriend and renowned chef, Oh Sae Young (Lee Ha Nui). Day by day Yoo Kyung has attracted by charismatic chef Hyun Wook, while the owner, Kim San, has the same feelings to her. Very attracting!

Pasta was success to rake rating over 20% in the last Episode.


Star falling From the Sky aka Wish upon a Star is SBS drama aired Monday and Tuesday at 20:55. Next week, the drama will end. For the latest episode, Star Falling From The Sky was success to rake rating 17% both Seoul and Nation-wide.

The drama’s story tells about Jin Pal Kang (played by Choi Jung Won) is the oldest child in Jin family. After her parents died suddenly, she has to taking care her 5 younger adopted siblings. Worked as employee at insurance company, she has to struggle for lives of her siblings. One day she meets Won Kang Ha (Kim Ji Hun) who is company’s cold-hearted lawyer. He can’t easily open his heart to others because he was abandoned by his mother. Then, the feeling develops of each other after Pal Kang became a maid in Kang Ha’s house.


Still, Marry Me aka The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry is about the career woman who hasn’t married yet. The drama has just ended on March 11, 2010. Though the rating is very low, the story is very attracting. For information, the drama must vie with chunno because both have same airing schedule.

On the drama, Kim Bum also took a part and became the leading role and for the rest actors are Park Jin Hee as Lee Shin Young, Uhm Ji Won as Jung Da Jung, Wang Bit Na as Kim Boo Ki, Choi Chul Ho as Na Ban Suk, Lee Pil Mo as Yoon Sang Woo, and Park Ji Young as Choi Sang Mi.

source : http://www.dongdrama.com/5-recommended-korean-dramas-on-march-2010.html

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