Lady Gaga Bares All… Almost

Lady Gaga has worn her most revealing outfit yet, sporting a transparent fishnet shorts and T-shirt ensemble.

Even for someone with the fashion outrageousness of Lady Gaga, the outfit was a head-turner, with the singer's modesty only being preserved by a well-placed star.
Lady Gaga  
Lady Gaga crowd surfs . Photo
However, the see-through number did not make it as far as the stage, with the Poker Face artist changing into a wide-shouldered leather jacket and leopard print pants combination for her set.
And it was not just the 24-year-old's outfits that were somewhat eye-popping, with the singer enjoying a little outlandish behaviour with the Semi Precious Weapons, the band who recently supported her during her Monster Ball tour.
Frontman Justin Tranter told MTV: "She stood on the side of the stage, and then during the song Magnetic Baby, she started playing drums with Dan.
Lady Gaga crowd surfs 
Lady Gaga crowd surfs. phot:
"Then she started singing backup vocals, then her and I made out, and then she stage-dove and then I joined her while she stage-dove. And then we made out while stage-diving. And then she left. It was pretty amazing."
Lady Gaga was one of the headline acts at the festival, along with Soundgarden and Green Day.

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