The Official Tralier for ‘Runaway’ is OUT !

This is it! The first official trailer of upcoming romantic-comedy action Korean drama ‘Runaway’ aka ‘Fugitive: Plan B’, which stars Asian superstar Rain, Lee Na Young, Daniel Henney, and Lee Jung Jin has finally released.

The drama plots the story about a hefty sum of money which has disappeared and reappears after 60 years during the Korean War causing a fugitive chase across Asia. The shooting location takes in several different Asian countries, including Thailand, Japan, and China. Therefore, as we can see the trailer below is full of action packed chase scenes.

With the duo creative behind hit Korean drama ‘Chuno’ aka ‘Slave Hunters’ the drama is also expected to deliver a lot of stylish cinematography.

Runaway’ premieres on September 29, following the most watched Korean drama ‘Baker King, Kim Tak Goo

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