Pattaya traffic on Children’s day is bad enough without having to dodge a naked woman. Police were chasing her through the traffic lanes and managed to bring her to investigate at the police station.

A nude woman aged about 30, walking from Big-C, north Pattaya , along Pattaya second road, heading to Central Pattaya road, caused rubbernecking and probably more than one cup of spilled coffee. She had a big piece of cloth to cover her slim body while she had to stand to wait for the traffic or to stop walking, but most of the time she was naked.

Police tried to convince her to cover her body with the cloth but she dropped it and ran along through the traffic. Police were chasing her. Luckily, no traffic accidents were caused and the woman finally ran off the road.

Why she was in her birthday suit remains a mystery. She told the police that somebody was trying to attack or rape her and she wanted to see a doctor.

Authorities thought she might need to spend some time in a local hospital or a medical check. However, they will have further investigation and will send her to the concern officials.



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