Nepal's Moment of Shame! Woman Paraded Naked in Public!

Nepal's Moment of Shame! Woman Paraded Naked!!
Nepal's Moment of Shame! Woman Paraded Naked!! Pic: The Times of India
They must be shameless louts who paraded a woman naked in Kathmandu.
As passersby and dazed children looked on as mere bystanders, some 50 youthful men disrobed, jeered, beat up and paraded a woman naked in one the busiest streets of Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal.
The woman, believed to be in her 30s, could have been a sex worker like many others in the Ratna Park area where sex trade thrives and where the incident occured. Or she could have been believed to be one. But, whoever she was, whatever her mistake, the heinous act of parading a woman in naked is just beyond pardon.
The incident that occured on May 20, has come to public light only now thanks to photographs taken by a passerby making it to a blog site,, which has taken up the cause of justice to the woman.
Of late cases of atrocities against women in the form of murders, rapes and attempted killings in cases pertaining to dowry are on the rise in Nepal, but this incident is the ultimate rock bottom of them all. Clearly, the powers-that-be in Nepal need to do much beyond lip-synching on matters pertaining to women's empowerment. It's about time the Nepali constitution is amended to provide women and other disadvantaged lot of the society their much needed rights.

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