Strip Shows In Rural Villages, Chinese Netizen Reactions

A village strip show in China. 

A poster makes sarcastic comments to female strippers imploring them to “be firm to their ideals” as he posts crude and blurry pictures of an equally crude strip tease show that appears to take place in a small Chinese village. Chinese netizens react with sarcastic comments regarding it as the result of a “harmonious” society while other netizens are shocked and ashamed, and still others point out that this is a common practice, so much so that young children appear to be attending the strip tease.
From Sina:

Who is Going to Come Do Something ABout These Low Class Performances in the Villages?

The Beijing Public Security Specialist Office has made a sudden attack upon the night clubs of the city and this would be the final nail in the coffin for many of these entertainment venues. In this one moment the pornography industry became extremely scared from within, and as seen from the outside appears to have disappeared from sight. However, the business of this trade can not be temporarily eased as this is just scratching the surface because the real reason for the decline of clubs in Beijing is that the entertainers of these establishment have already found a new location for their source of revenue. It isn’t here, and it isn’t over there, but I think it will be approximately somewhere in the middle–with the city and country combined, or maybe a remotely located village. Only just recently the internet has exposed a photo gallery in which we are surprised to discover that this type of entertainment worker has already been successful in invading the last virgin territory of China, that being the peasants’ home in which they can now genuinely enjoy the entertainment and lifestyle of the city. This point just goes to show the significant repercussions it will have upon the peasants’ XX entertainment level and after school culture and way of life, we should should inform using various media so that everywhere in the country this becomes universally known. For Beijing to be the center and the base of operations is to do things slowly and surely and step by step; that is to say, it wants to gradually insert a red flag upon every village gate in the nation. However, these villages have a constant practice of adopting every great idea that comes from the city. Throughout the course of these events the entertainment workers have not been exempt from receiving criticism nor suppression. However, to the vast majority of these entertainment workers I implore: you are the much needed vast number of laborers , you need strong peasants to support you, you need to develop and not be scared of sacrificing yourselves. Don’t be afraid of bleeding in battle for it is a glorious Red Army tradition, and you should earnestly implement the army’s policy of “The enemy advances, I retreat; the enemy camps, I harass; the enemy retreats, I follow; the enemy is weary, I attack”. You must be firm to your ideals! This victory will inevitably belong to us, Allah be with you! See here, do you want to see what the pretty city girls do in the villages? In this way they will unexpectedly receive your support. I’ve heard that these strip shows are real, yes?

Chinese strippers performing in a rural village. 

Strippers giving a performance in a rural Chinese village. 

Chinese strippers giving a performance in a rural village. 

In a rural village in China, strippers perform for a crowd. 

A strip show in a rural Chinese village.

Chinese girls dance for a village crowd. 

Scantily-clad Chinese girls perform for villagers. 

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