Men watch as naked Imbali bath....(Naked Swaziland Girls)

LOBAMBA – More  than 20 men could not resist watching the girls attending the annual Reed Dance ceremony as the maidens bathed in a river near the Mantenga Village.
Most of the girls were naked.
They seemed to enjoy the attention they were getting from the excited men..
The maidens also seemed to enjoy themselves as this was the only day they had to relax before the big day tomorrow.
More than 200 maidens were found bathing in the river while about 20 men gave themselves time to have a good look.
While watching, the men would occasionally pass remarks among themselves and point at some of the girls.
Velabahleke Malaza of Lozitha said watching the girls had become a pastime for him..
He said he had been doing this for the past two years and enjoyed watching them as they bathed.
“Whenever they are given a day off, we definitely know that we will find them here. We have never at any point in time caused trouble and I know they also feel safe when they see us here,” he said.
He said even the police officers had no problem seeing men watching the maidens as they knew that they do not cause any harm. 
“From time to time, the police patrol this place and find us here. They have never questioned us and I think this is because they know that watching the maidens bathing was now a hobby for some of us,” he said.    Today, the Imbali regiment of maidens is expected to deliver the reed and thereafter proceed to the dancing arena where they are expected to dance before their Majesties. There will be more dancing tomorrow.  Also expected to attend are delegates who are currently in the country attending the ongoing COMESA Summit. 
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