MySpace Nude Girl, 14, Arrested

A 14-year-old girl is facing child porn charges after posting nude photos of herself on MySpace.

The New Jersey girl put almost 30 pictures online because her boyfriend wanted to see them, according to police who arrested her.
MySpace MySpace declined to comment
She could be forced to sign on as a sex offender if convicted, in the latest example of a US crackdown on teenagers sharing sexy photos.
Yesterday it was revealed that two 13-year-old girls who stripped to their underwear during a heatwave are facing child porn charges after photos were circulated on classmates' mobile phones.
Bill Maer, spokesman for Passaic County police pursuing the MySpace girl, said: "We consider this case a wake-up call to parents."
The girl has been charged with both possessing and distributing child pornography.
But Maureen Kanka, who campaigned for a tightening-up of America's sex offence laws, criticised the police response to the case.
Her seven-year-old daughter Megan was raped and killed in 1994 by a convicted sex offender - prompting campaigners to demand a "Megan's Law" alerting the public about paedophiles' whereabouts.
But Mrs Kanka said the 14-year-old girl should instead be offer "counselling, because the only person she exploited was herself".

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