Naked cyclists aim to save planet

Daring cyclists shed their clothes and saddled up to cycle through a city naked to highlight the damage caused to the planet by car dependency.

Around 700 cyclists in various stages of undress took part in the Naked Bike Ride in Brighton, East Sussex.
Organiser Nick Sayers, 36, said: "It was great to see people smiling and having fun for a really positive protest, which was about promoting cycling and environmentalism."
People of both sexes, all ages and every conceivable shape and size decided to fully disrobe to promote road safety and cycling as an environmentally-friendly form of transport.
But some riders tried to preserve their modesty with body paint and strategically-placed flowers during the event, which ended with a post-ride swim and picnic.
The international event was the fourth to be held in Brighton, which followed similar naked bike rides this month in Cardiff, Manchester, London, Sheffield, Southampton and York.

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