Naked Driver in Fremont May Face Felony Charges in June Crash

After a chase by police June 2, an Oldsmobile Ninety-Eight, driven by Jennifer Overmyer crashed into a brick building on Wood Street. Police recently completed an investigation into the incident, which resulted from an earlier altercation with a man on Garrison Street. (NM file photo)

FREMONT -- A Fremont woman found naked after a car crash in June may soon face charges of fleeing and eluding police and aggravated robbery.
Fremont police investigated a car crash June 2. The 1995 Oldsmobile Ninety-Eight, driven and owned by Jennifer Overmyer, hit a brick building on Wood Street. Overmyer, who was naked except for a T-shirt around her neck, told police she was escaping an attempted rape.
Fremont police officers have given statements to a Sandusky County grand jury about the incident. Officer Devin Howard said in a statement, forwarded to a grand jury for consideration, that he believes Overmyer is guilty of aggravated robbery and fleeing and eluding police, both felonies.
Officer Clayton Holskey also submitted a statement, citing Overmyer with charges of failure to comply with the signal of an officer, a felony, and failure to control, reckless operation and two stop sign violations, all citable offenses. Holskey was the officer directly following Overmyer during the car chase.
Sandusky County Prosecutor Tom Stierwalt said no indictment has yet been filed. He declined further comment.
Police originally were called to an apartment at 319 Garrison St. at 8:26 p.m. June 2, after another tenant said he saw Jeffrey Brown, 50, and Overmyer, 24, wrestling naked in a hallway of the building. Overmyer told the witness that Brown was raping her. The neighbor called 9-1-1, split the two up, and Overmyer fled the building.
Police found Brown bleeding at his apartment. He told police that, before the fight, he and Overmyer were planning to have sex. He said he removed his pants, which contained $1,400 in cash, then went to get her a glass of water. When he came back, he said, Overmyer was leaving the apartment with his pants.
When he started fighting with her to get his pants back, Brown said, Overmyer hit him twice over the head with a baseball bat, and cut his neck with a kitchen knife.
A Fremont police officer attempted to stop Overmyer, who was driving her 1995 Oldsmobile Ninety-Eight west on Croghan Street, when she abruptly turned the car north onto North Wood Street, police reported.

After leading police on a high-speed chase, Overmyer's car crashed into a brick building on Wood Street.

Emergency crews needed to cut off the passenger-side door of the vehicle to remove Overmyer from the car.

She told medical workers at the scene of the crash that Brown tried to rape her. A rape kit was completed by the hospital and placed into evidence, but its results were not disclosed in the police report.
Overmyer was then taken by ambulance to Fremont Memorial Hospital and then flown to University of Toledo Medical Center.
Brown later told police he found his pants near bushes at the intersection of South Arch and Garrison streets, but that the cash, his debit card and other items were missing from the pockets.
Another witness, who was at the apartment earlier, but who left before the altercation between Brown and Overmyer, said he believed the two seemed like they were going to have sex, and he believed they might exchange something for sex.
After the crash, police searched Overmyer's vehicle, in which they found, among other items, a broken kitchen knife, a baseball bat, $2,732 in cash and a plastic bag containing two watches, earrings and a heart charm.
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