Naked Woman Stops Traffic in Taiwan

Motorists driving along Chun-Jih Road in Taoyuan, Taiwan, Monday, were greeted by a strange sight.
A middle-aged woman was walking on the street, just like any other pedestrian, except that she was stark naked.

She caused quite a congestion on the road, as drivers slowed down to gawk at her while students were seen turning away in embarrassment, reported Taiwan’s United Daily News.

The cop and the woman, as seen in this photo by United Daily News
The cops were soon alerted. TWu Junyi, the first police officer to arrive at the scene muttered “Oh my God” when he saw her.
But he regained his composure,  reached into the storage box of his motorcycle, took out a towel and a raincoat and walked towards the naked woman.
However, when she saw him coming towards her, she started running along the street holding her bra and underwear.
Wu pursued the woman, requesting for backup. It took him a while before he managed to corner the woman and tried his best to persuade her to put on her clothes.
His efforts were in vain, until another batch of female cops arrived. They covered the woman up with garments and dragged her into the police car.
Wu said the the woman appeared to be suffering from mental problems and could not express herself clearly.
She has been placed in a nursing home in Taoyuan.
United Daily News

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