Four Nude Female Dancers Arrested in Bali

South Denpasar police officers, arresting four women when they dance with naked condition, in one room where the night entertainment (discotheques) leading, in the area of Jalan By Pass Ngurah Rai, Sanur, Bali.
"We had been suspicious from the first, where the entertainment it provides a stripper. For that, we then conduct an investigation with other members," said one officer, who did not want his name written in it, Friday (3 / 9).
Four women, he said, was captured in one room, in which existing guests. Officials said, possibly because of a guest's order, the women dance naked. .
As a result of such act, the four women, was taken to South Denpasar Police Office for further review.
Based on the information on the location, the place is already very well known in broad circles, about the nude dancers. Sometimes the dancers were brought in from outside the area.
South Denpasar police chief, Adjunct Commissioner Leo Pasaribu said, the dancers were naked, still questioning for further proceedings. It will also ensnare the other, causing the women to dance in the disco room.

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