Girl stripped in public in the New Year party in India

Where is the safe place for women? Women are not safe even in the presence of more than 1000 people. The people at the Gateway of India were celebrating the knocks of New Year. At that time, in the presence of more than 1000 people, some pervert-minded and Drunken revellers people stripped and molested a girl and even tore her cloths in public view, as her friend watched helplessly. ..

A tabloid photographer, Shadab Khan, claimed that he took the photo of that incident a temporary watchtower erected by the police. In addition, the next morning these photographs rocked Mumbai as well as nation too.

Now, the Colaba police have made an appeal to the victim, young lady, to come forward and lodge a complaint to help them nab the culprits. News channels are continuously showing the picture of the accused people and making an appeal from people to respond if they know the accused persons.

The mob had even torn off her skirt despite the presence of her male companion. It shows the real mind of people living the society.

Shadab said after showing the photographs that

the incident has shaken his faith in the city he has lived in all his life. The couple was there to enjoy people were trying to misbehave with them. I shot that picture.

He recalled that around 70 men who tore apart the woman’s clothes surrounded the couple and her friend tried to protect her but went in vain. The horror was continued for 10 minutes and the woman was screaming for the whole time.
Is this the society and nation we are proud for. This is a big question in the face of the so-called intellectual society that women are not safe even in the presence of more than 1000 people. Mumbai shame on you...
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