Mob Parades Woman Naked in Kathmandu

KATHMANDU: Watched by fearful children and passersby, a mob of nearly 50 young men beat up a woman and paraded her naked in the heart of capital city Kathmandu with no one daring to protest even as Nepal's political parties said they were writing a new constitution that would empower women and other disadvantaged people.

The unidentified woman, who looked to be in her 30s, was stripped of her red printed salwar-kameez and white dupatta. Then the crowd tore off her undergarments and rained abuse and blows with lathis.

The shocking incident occurred in the Ratna Park area of Kathmandu, one of the busiest spots in the capital where new Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal on Friday laid down the foundation of a martyrs' memorial.

The area, teeming with public transport and shops, is also close to a main police station. Though the cornered woman repeatedly cried out in fear, asking people to save her, nobody dared to intervene.

The woman could have been a sex worker, who abound the area, or mistaken as one. Though it happened on May 20, it came to public notice only this week with a passerby taking photographs of the scene and sending them to a Nepali blog site, The blog is now appealing for justice, saying the attack is all the more shocking as it happened in the heart of the capital.

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