Muslim Women Stripped Naked in Metro Manila Jail

President Arroyo and her fellow citizens might be rejoicing the release of 385 Filipino prisoners by the Saudi Monarch King Abdullah. Unfortunately, she is not realizing that there are many Muslim women detainees in the Manila jail who must be freed too..
The plight of these women is unfathomable. These women detainees are facing torture every day in the hands of the jail authorities. They are put behind bars for years without any provision for legal aid.
According to an estimated report, nearly 600 Muslim women held in the Manila jail are continuously going through sexual harassment. These victims don’t even know who arrested them.
A group of Muslim organizations conducted a survey on women detainees and found out that nearly 200 of them were arrested without any warrant.
Can you ever think of the jailers stripping the women naked? This is what is going on in the Manila jails, with some women even getting pregnant and delivering babies’ within the jail.

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