Naked crowd surfing rocks music festivals

G4S events, which is due to patrol the V Festival have warned...
Hundreds of festival-goers have had their clothes ripped from their bodies as they have been carried over the heads of others during the ritual.
Crowd surfing has long been a part of the festival experience among those keen to experience the seething mass of the crowd first-hand, with participants passed from person to person on a sea of arms.
Now some have taken matters a step further, posing problems for security companies like G4S events, which is due to patrol the V Festival this weekend.
Mark Hamilton, its chief executive, said: "Revellers have thought it humorous to set their friends crowd surfing and then pull off their clothes, leaving them nude in front of some of the world’s biggest music stages and television cameras.
"G4S is advising crowd surfers to keep tight hold of their clothes lest they lose their modesty in front of thousands of strangers."
Other antics dealt with by the firm include attempts to smuggle in absinthe disguised as mouthwash, fence jumpers attempting to tunnel through the perimeter at the site of "an alfresco toilet", and a blagger pretending to be "the Queen's fourth son"
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