Naked Utah Woman Arrested in Accident

Of all the bizarre things that have happened in the United States, a Utah woman's arrest is one of the strangest that many have seen in a while. A naked woman caused a car accident and then began running up to people's houses and banging on their doors. The naked women's name has been released and appears to be Rachel Hansen, 38. The incident happened in Sandy, Utah, after she repeatedly ran into a Ford Bronco that was driving down the road. Sergeant Victor Quezada said that is does appear that the woman has some kind of mental illness, as reported by ABC4.

This incident reminds me of a time before I had even reached the age to drive. I was involved in an incident that left my friend's face turning cherry red and my face sore from laughing. .

We were on our way to a softball game and we hadn't changed into our uniforms yet. We were running extremely late and the couch would often become angry at us if we didn't have our suits on when we arrived.

Instead of pulling over, my friend who was also the drive decided that she was going to get dressed while driving down the road.

She asked me to take control of the steering wheel so that she could take her shirt off. As she was taking her shirt off she accidentally got her shirt hung on the gear shift. Like someone with no common sense, she tugged at the shirt and it pulled the vehicle out of gear and into reverse. It was the first time that I had ever been in a standard going backwards at a real fast pace.

We ended up driving straight into a tree and the farmer came running out to see if we were hurt. Apparently that was a hot night for the police, he was around the corner and seen everything. .

The police officer thought that we were drunk and that my friend was trying to get a weapon when she was actually just trying to get her shirt back on. The police officer had his gun drawn and told us to put our weapon down and to step out of the car and start walking backwards towards him.

I was laughing all the way to the patrol car and the cop ended up making me take a breathalyzer test to prove that I hadn't been drinking. As for my friend, this is something that she will probably never live down for as long as I live.

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