Naked Women Hit the Stage for Feminism

By Miranda Bryant

Women are being invited to get on stage and dance naked in front of hundreds of people - to strike a blow for modern feminism.
Organisers are hoping to recruit more than 100 women "of all ages, shapes and sizes" to perform a "high-energy dance" without any clothes on at the Barbican and Battersea Arts Centre.
The 10-minute frolic is the main feature of Trilogy, a three-part show about feminism that is coming to London for the first time since its Edinburgh Fringe debut last year.
Each performance uses 30 naked volunteer dancers, with the aim of showing the "difference and diversity" of the female body. The rest of the show is performed by a cast of five and uses debate, dance and narrative.
At the end of each performance, audience members are invited to get naked and join the cast on stage.
So far, about 90 women have volunteered to take part in the main show, but more are needed. Those who want to join in are invited to a workshop - with tea and cake - to run through the performance with clothes on.
Director and performance artist Nic Green said: "If you come to the first [workshop] session and decide you don't want to come back that is, of course, absolutely fine and we will fully understand. However, if you feel at all interested I would urge you to come along and see what you think.
"The performance and process is about women coming together, empowered in their own skins, to celebrate the very nature of who they are and all their differences. In the past it has been exhilarating and the process has been a truly empowering experience."
Assistant producer Sally Rose, 24, volunteered after seeing the performance in Edinburgh.
She said: "When I saw the show before it was amazing. I wasn't really looking at people's wobbly legs, I was looking at the mass of people jumping. I don't know how I'm going to feel when it comes to doing the actual performance at the Barbican but I'm hoping that the process of getting naked will be quite slow.
"Because the Barbican is a big place, I'm hoping I won't feel nervous. I like to think I don't have too many inhibitions but I'm afraid I will feel nervous when the time comes."
Performances are at 7pm from 12 to 16 January at Battersea Arts Centre and at 7.15pm on 22 and 23 January at the Barbican.

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