Naked women jumping off buildings, Fire Rescue


 May 8 9 am, the youth of South Changji rental Yuanfeng three teams, the pawing at the third floor window of a woman jumping outside desire. About two hours later, the woman jumped from the third floor, thanks to Fire Officers and men to advance to the ceiling covered with a thick air bags, sponges, soft bed and other things, the woman was not injured after jumping. Grilled

  naked woman jumping on the third floor windowsill outside the For
9:40 day I arrived on the scene, saw the woman naked with body, shoulder dressed in a sheet, his hands pawing at the window frame on the 3rd floor, one foot on a windowsill while crying, side and inside of a man quarrels.

  Ceiling lanes for only 3 meters wide, can not let go of a life-saving air bags, fire officers and soldiers came to the rescue and rushed for only half of the gas bag, and then to the many bed and covered it, sponges and other items.

  Changji City Public Security Bureau, a civilian police from the woman next door and his head out the window talking to a woman and her sister made to the phone. Police took out a cell phone and dialed the phone, but the woman was his sister's phone unable to connect. Subsequently, the woman emotionally to the house of the man shouted: "You are victims of me, and I regret that time did not hear my father's words with you, you actually do this to me, I die for you."

  "Sick mind do you even do not wear clothes, never too shameful." House of the man is also very excited. No matter how persuasion

  police, the woman has refused to return to the house. 11 am, the woman jumped from the third floor, fell to the rescue personnel to achieve the air bag ready, fire officers and men take on women's clothing and wrapped in the body, the woman loaded onto a police car. 

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