Tips to Looking Slutty and Feeling Sexy

Have you ever wanted to buy some really hot sexy lingerie but were not really sure where to start?

First things first, we're talking sexy lingerie, not the dull boring "cutie pie" stuff, if that's what you're after then you've come to the wrong place, there's nothing here for you, follow the rest of the pack and try the high street that's full of really dismal underwear.

I love sexy lingerie, and all that goes with it. There's nothing I like better than dressing from head to toe in really hot sexy clothes. In fact some people would probably say that my choices in sexy fashion were almost slutty and to be honest that s probably true, as I m a hot blooded lady who loves sex and dressing to enjoy sex is very important to me and it should be important to you too!

So you want to buy some hot sexy lingerie and are not sure where to start? The internet is a great place to find sexy wear, as the choice is almost endless.
G strings and thongs are great for some sexy fun, I really love pearl strings as they turn me on when wearing them as I go about my day to day business, leaving me horny, lust full and ready for some hot steamy action, much to the delight of my chosen partner. No wonder pearl thongs are an increasingly popular choice! Crotch less thongs are a glamour wear classic offering the thrill of fast easy access and the promise of some very sluttish behaviour! Diamante rhinestone g strings are hot and horny, especially for your lover if you leave them on whilst being taken from behind!

Suspender stockings give off all the right signals and in my opinion you just can t beat fishnet stockings, believe me they never fail especially when worn with a sexy suspender belt, bodice, Basque or corset. With sex one thing leads to another and the same is true with sexy clothes. If you have the money to spend you can put together an extremely sexy wardrobe that any femme fatale or courtesan would be proud of.

You see, dressing sexy is not just about lingerie, all true glamour girls realise that you have to combine the lingerie with sexy shoes, sexy dresses, jewellery etc. I love to wear really high stiletto shoes or massive platform slut shoes. Combine shoes with sexy club wear outfits and sexy diamante rhinestone jewellery and you will not only look sexy, you will feel sexy too! And as being sexy is a state of mind you will be proud of how you look and how you feel, in fact you will feel sorry for the people that say you dress like a whore or look like a slut, because the reality is they really want to be like you and dearly wish they were having all the sexy party fun that you do!

My first choice for all my sexy clothes and lingerie is an online store called www(dot)liberette(dot)com as they have all the latest sexy styles and hold all the goods in stock (I don t like to be kept waiting). Also the delivery is worldwide, extremely fast and the prices are very low. In fact they have all the sexy clothes and lingerie that a good time glamour girl could possibly want.
By Mr. Sterile


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