Tips to Make Sexy A Success

It's not about being obvious or offensive. We all love sex, and with reason, but when it comes to feeling sexy verses looking sexy it can become a mess. Class and sophistication can live well with also being sexy- it is not limited to vulgarity by any means.

Vulgarity in fashion happens when someone is not in actuality feeling sexy. They are generally attempting to create a false mask when their own beliefs are strongly otherwise. It opposes the way they think and feel which results in an vulgar appearance, and possibly a defensive attitude as well. They may wish to start a fight to create a sense of imitated strength, but sexy does not exist in these situations; it is a quick illusion.

Feeling sexy is a natural powerful aura that comes with great confidence and a determination to succeed. It does not seek the approval of others, or compliments or reactions. A person who feels sexy uses that feeling to do greater things. It has nothing to do with pushing the lines of what is acceptable in public.

The responses received from someone who feels sexy verses someone who wants to look sexy are very different indeed. The difference is in where the response is directed. Is it about the outfit, or how the person's energy in the outfit?

Throwing someone in a suit or gown doesn't translate to instant confidence, nor does dressing in a revealing outfit instantly make a person sexy. There is a feeling, energy, and belief involved that makes it all come together. There is a strong and powerful image.

What it means to be sexy- or feel successful, confident, respected, or any other energy of strength for that matter, is to have a strong and powerful image. When your image is strong and true, success and happiness comes naturally. You do well and feel great while doing so. And sexy comes with confidence, which can be a great push into determination with the tasks you have on hand. Any chore or project becomes much more enjoyable when you yourself are feeling powerful.

Embrace your image and strengthen its maximum potential. The stronger your image the better the results in everything that you do, and the more enjoyable your accomplishments become. There is nothing wrong with feeling sexy- so long as you truly and naturally feel it. There's no faking, it won't go very far at all. Sexy is a pleasant and powerful energy- you very well may be more comfortable in it; take control of your image.
By Teresa

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