Will the US and other world powers let China develop its military potential?


China keeps on growing its fighting strength. Political analysts note that China’s main reason for considerable investing in the modernization and construction of submarines and the deployment of extra troops in the Indian and West parts of the Pacific Ocean is Beijing’s desire to prevent Taiwan from becoming independent.

Now the military China’s 2 main priorities are submarine and air forces. Currently China is upgrading Shi Lang, its first aircraft carrier created on the basis of the “Variag” heavy cruiser bought from Ukraine in 1998. New versions of bomber equipped with cruise missiles for hitting land targets are being engineered.
The Analysts of Info Center under MF-V Academy notes that according to the authors of US Department of Defense’s report on China’s military potential development, China suffers a huge deficit of energy recourses and shows a growing interest in the source of crude oil in the states of Persian Gulf.
The analysts are convinced that China is interested in the Middle East stability as 40% of crude oil consumed by China comes from the region. Yet the import volume is constantly growing.


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