Woman and Daughter Stripped and Thrashed

The police have arrested the accused who were involved in the incident and registered a case against them. -Reuters File Photo

MUZAFFARGARH: Fourteen people are reported to have stripped naked a woman and her daughter on Saturday and thrashed them in the presence of a large number of people in Shehr Sultan, a town near Mirwala. .
Sources said the suspects got hold of 50-year-old Allah Wasai and her 14-year-old daughter Ashraf Mai when they came out of their home in Berwali to go to their fields. .

They then proceeded to teach the women “a lesson for the wrongdoing of Allah Wasai’s son”.

SHO Mahboob Tangwani said the main accused, Safdar, alleged that Allah Wasai’s son Saddam Husain had an affair with his daughter. He and his 13 accomplices held the woman and her daughter at gunpoint, stripped them naked and thrashed them.

A large number of people were there but none of them came forward to rescue the women from the assailants.

Local resident Allah Ditta later informed police.

A police team freed the women from the accused and gave them clothes.

A case was registered against the 14 accused, including Safdar, Mirza Khan, Siraj, Haji Afzal, Jameel, Akbar and Athar under 354/148 and 149 sections of the Pakistan Penal Code. Akbar and Jameel have been arrested.

According to police, the accused justified their action and said that a dispute over distribution of irrigation water had caused a clash in which people from both sides were injured.

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