Naked Schoolgirl Video, Punishment For Stealing

It has not been long since the Kaiping Incident happened, a friend of mine sent me a video, asking me to translate the dialogue inside. This video is about 9 minutes long, the schoolgirl in the video first being beaten by schoolmates, then forced to take off her clothes and filmed. What more, the reason this incident happened was all because this female student had altogether stolen things three-times from her fellow students, and those beating her and forcing her to take off her clothes are all her schoolmates, and further there are voices of many female classmate in [the video]. The several students using violence do not reveal their faces throughout the video. However, in their dialogue they disclosed that they will upload it onto the internet to let “Ma Le/Lei Lao” [unsure, maybe this is a Cantonese name] all see it. The girl says, “if I take off all my clothes, will you guys not hit me, and let me go…?”

I do not know what is wrong with these Guangdong children, and why do these horrific incidences happen so frequently? I do not want to excessively express my anger, I only want to expose/make public this incident. Everything I give to society and the law to deal with and punish.

A screen capture of a video where a Cantonese girl in a school uniform is bent over after being beaten by her classmates for stealing.
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