Nightlife in Phuket Thailand

Patong Beach is the center of nightlife in Phuket. There are over 150 bars, pubs, discos and A Go Go bars. Those arе the most popular places on the island at night.
Patong Beach also offers some excellent discoa. Two of them, Banana Disco and the Shark Club are located in Soi Bangla. Another, Safari Pub, is on the way to Kata Beach. The other side of nightlife, bars in the Thai style – a night-clubs where the girls dress in, have fun, sing Thai songs while visitors eat and drink.


Bars and Pubs
Soi Bangla is probably the most popular place at night as there is a huge number of bars and pubs one after another.Most bars are small and simple with small chairs or benches. Music in the bar is mixed, since each bar has its own stereo system. The volume of music can make conversations stranded.


In season Phuket is always hosting a lot of people from different countries and Patong Beach is becoming a very popular place. Those who came here for sunbathing on the beach love to gather in this place to spend the night there. In the bars there is a wide variety of games you can play with your new friends, The games like hammering nails into a tree at speed is very popular and can become quite amusing after a few beers.
A Go Go Bars
At Patong Beach, in the heart of the nightlife in Phuket there are many A Go Go bars, most of them located around Soi Bangla. If you are not familiar with A Go Go bars from TV or Hollywood movies here you will find information about what A Go Go bars offer.


A Go Go Bar is the place where you can watch Thai girls dancing to energetic music, dressed only in a bikini. These girls are not completely naked, as it is officially prohibited in accordance with Thai law.
Girls can interact with customers during the time that they do not dance. These girls are not the property bar, and if they want to share time with the guest, it’s their decision. If you like the company and you want the girl to accompany you to dinner or a disco, it is customary to pay the bar a small fee.
Disco “Banana”
This is the oldest disco in Patong but it has a modern sound system and music with styles varying from techno to fast dance music. Almost everyone who comes to Phuket at night visits the disco at least once.


The club closes at 3:00 am which is quite early for the Patong beach. Alcoholic drinks are 100 Butt, regardless of what you drink. Entrance fee includes the first 100 Butt liquor.
Safari Pub and Disco
Safari Pab & Disco is really worth your attention. The pub is situated between several elephant camps and is not far from the Hotel Le Meridien Phuket. Pub is one of the most unique buildings around. It is built from local materials such as wood and palm leaves, it allows the pub to justify its name. Every night the parking is rammed with cars, trucks and motorcycles belonging to the local and foreign youth who wants to dance here. Inside design of the pub is conveniently with the bars located around, while the stairs lead to the outdoor restaurant at the “top of the tree.”


The dancing hall is large enough, and the band usually plays live Rock & Roll. From time to time the guests are given the opportunity to perform their favorite songs for the visitors. Late at night when the dance music by DJ is finished the Pub closes its doors. The pub is having special shows every Tuesday and Thursday. Meals can be purchased at Safari restaurant as the neighborhood has a small amount of restaurants offering Thai cuisine.

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