Police Raid “Prostitution Street”, Netizens Not Impressed.....

A prostitution street in Zhejiang Haining has been shut down. Happy.

June 8th, Zhejiang [province] Haining City Public Safety Bureau in collaboration with the City Council coordinated more than 20 officers from the Shu Cun and Guang Chao police departments. With the cooperation of the Nan Fan police department, they used five different routes to bust an entire street of ‘beauty parlors’.
Police bust several "beauty parlors" in Zhejiang, China.
The street is located between the cities of Haining and Lingping. Recently, the large inflow of immigrant workers has made it prosperous. The broad Yandong Street runs from north to south. Most of the shops along the street are two-stories tall and sell construction materials. However, in front of the health centers and massage parlors wedged in between, young girls with heavy makeup and scant clothing show off their bare legs, tempting those passing by with their sultry gaze.
A prostitute in Zhejiang Haining City.
After more than a week of undercover investigation, local police conducted the raid.
A man is handcuffed in Zhejiang by plain clothes police.
As the clients and prostitutes were arrested and escorted into the police vehicles, spectators cheered and applauded.
Police arrest men patronizing prostitutes.
The operation arrested 8 customers. Prostitutes, Mama-sans, and store workers totaled 16.
Chinese prostitutes and johns in jail cell.
According to law enforcement, the “beauty street” has been around for some time, and has been a negative influence in the area. Although the police underwent previous operations, those in the area are very mobile and tend to reestablish themselves quickly.
Haining City prostitutes and customers handcuffed.
The cooperation between the police departments this time hoped to overwhelm them and make the street completely disappear. As of right now this case is under further investigation.

source : www.chinasmack.com

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