Young Schoolgirl Beaten, Thrown To Her Death By Teacher...

A Chinese schoolgirl was beaten with a metal reinforcement bar in front of her class by her history teacher before he threw her out the window of her fourth-story classroom. Her name was Zhang Yaoyin, she was 11-years-old, and she died.
The description of the original video on Youku:
The Education Department gives strict orders forbidding teachers from hitting students. However, on September 20th afternoon, in the #12 Middle School in Yongzhou City of Hunan Province, a very heinous act occurred. A history teacher not only used a metal reinforcement bar [for buildings] to beat a student in the classroom, he also used his bare hands to throw the beaten student off the fourth floor of the school!
The five story tall #12 Middle School in Yongzhou City of Hunan Province, China.
This incident happened in 2006 September 20 and the video was uploaded to Youku two years ago. However, a recent topic on Mop featuring the Youku video brought new attention and new comments.
Here is what happens in the video:
0:54: The girl victim’s clothes stained with blood and covered with flies, some of her teeth that were knocked out, her shoes, and hair.
1:09: The girl victim’s name is revealed as Zhang Yaoyin, 11-years-old, and the male history teacher who killed her is Li Henyi, 28-years-old.
1:32: A classmate of the victim describes what happened (see below).
From QQ Education, “Teacher beats up girl in classroom, then throws her from fourth floor to her death“:
The classroom where 11-year-old Zhang Yaoyin was beaten by her history teacher.
Witness: At the time, the teacher grabbed her hair and slammed it into the desk, about 5-6 times, and then slammed her head into the desk behind her 5-6 times. When she then fell to the floor, the teacher also used his foot to step on her head, about 2-3 times. Then from his pants pocket he took out a metal reinforcement bar this long and used it to hit her.
Reporter: Hit her where?
Witness: Hit her head. There was a lot of blood.
Between the desks of this classroom where 11-year-old Zhang Yaoyin was beaten by her teacher are bloodstains.
Witness: After being beaten, she stopped moving. The teacher picked her up, said he was going to send her to the infirmary, then walked to the window, opened the window, and threw her down.
Reporter: So he threw her out in front of the entire class?
Witness: Yes.
2:12: The classmate says at one point the class leader stood up and begged the teacher to stop hitting.
2:20: A bloodstain that some posters on Mop said looked like a penis.
2:37: Shows trail of blood to the window.
2:46: Bloodstains where the girl hit the ground.
2:58: The victim’s mother explains she did not see and know it was her daughter at first.
The rest of the video explains that the news spread quickly and the local police department promised to make a quick and thorough investigation.
This CCTV video report was posted on the Xinhua news website earlier this year in 2008 May. It may contain more graphic images than the above video.

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