Hot Rugby Guys Getting Naked


This one is for all of the ladies out there who need a hump day pick me up (you are welcome in advance).  We all are quite aware of the theory that “sex sells,” and I think the team at adidas in New Zealand has just proved it with their new campaign site called “Jersey Swap.” It’s a simple idea (again, always the best) that has been brought-to-life masterfully by the adidas team — pick one guy wearing one jersey and pick another guy wearing another jersey.  They exchange glances and take their shirts off – unveiling their athletic bodies in the process – and throw their jersey to the other.  That’s it – jersey swap, brought to you by adidas.
The campaign site – beyond the jersey swap element – provides a fun way to create a personal poster of any of the players (with the ability to write your own message on it) and the chance to buy a jersey and win a ticket to a game and the possibility to really swap jerseys with one of the stars.  Love it!
Yes, it works for several reasons.  The first, sex sells.  The second, a subtle reminder that adidas is behind some of the greatest athletes involved in some of the biggest sports in the world.  The third, the pass-along factor is extremely high, especially in the circle of ladies in my office.  Fourth up, the subconscious effect it has on women watching, that maybe the men in thier lives need a new adidas jersey (that they can take off) for their next birthday.  And finally, as mentioned before, it’s simple.
A great example of creative, smart thinking in action.

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