Sports for Girls: Lesbianish Superbowl Ads, Lingerie Bowl and PETA Gets Naughty

 Not enough nudity? Not enough skin? Women scantily clad in lingerie not naked enough? Have I got the lesbian's attention yet? Lingerie Bowl 2009 was cancelled this year due to clothing disagreements. Caliente Spa and Resort, a luxury nudist getaway in Tampa Bay, has brought the sixth Lingerie Bowl to a screeching halt. Apparently women dressed in skimpy shorts and bras are far too clothed to represent a nudist resort..
"Caliente is a luxury clothing-optional resort,," a spokesperson for Caliente said. "We ran into conflicts with the Lingerie Football League wanting more areas of our resort restricted to clothing-required than we could accommodate."


I have to say, that if a bunch of women want to run around half-naked, tackling and falling over each other, give them a small "clothing-required" space! The Caliente refused to offer the "clothing-required" space, which led to the devastating cancellation of Lingerie Bowl VI. I'm sure there are some out there who would rather watch Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band perform at half-time, fully clothed and singing their hearts out. The lesbian in me, however, much prefers a short game of beautiful women in little clothing. Sure, it may be a bit degrading, prancing around with no sports-bra and nothing but a few pads for protection, but they can actually play. Since a majority of college-aged football fans do not have Bruce on their iPods, half-time commercials will have to fill the void, or maybe not.
On the opposite side of the field, while the Lingerie Bowl has been cancelled for showing too little skin, PETA's Super Bowl television ad has been cancelled for showing too much. Known for their controversial and attention-grabbing advertisements, PETA has thrown a touchdown with this video. Picture a racy Victoria Secret's commercial, mixed with the music video of Jessica Simpson washing a car, and toss in some statistics about vegetarians having better sex. PETA's "I'd rather go naked than wear fur" ads have been toppled by this campaign, which makes eating asparagus and broccoli a sexual experience. You really have to see it to believe it!

So, what will we see this year in the form of lesbian grabbing Super Bowl ads? These $3 million-for-30 second ads may not live up to the hype of previous years, simply due to the wretched economy we find ourselves in. A new technique that you will see this year will be the 3D commercial! Danica Patrick is in a new Go Daddy spot. Go, famous for their Go Daddy Girls, has Danica Patrick again in an enticing position with a blonde bombshell and a shower. Sorry ladies, no 3D glasses for this one. However, you will need those glasses to catch Chuck's 3D special on Monday night. You will not want to miss Yvonne Strahovski, aka Sarah Walker, in 3D!

While talk of the big game seems to be everywhere, NCAA women's hoops is going strong, despite the death of a beloved coach and mentor. North Carolina State's Kay Yow lost her battle with breast cancer, passing away at the age of 66. Her 34 years at NC State has made her a staple of the Wolfpack family. Coach Yow, a historical member of women's sports, and a product of Title IX, was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1987. She was a member of The V Foundation, and a dedicated fundraiser for breast cancer research. Her inspiration was a prominent force in recognition of the "Pink Zone" initiative, a tradition in February when teams across the nation done pink ties, uniforms, and buttons.


"She's just been a great friend to so many people; obviously left her footprints all over the place with the kids she has taught and molded," Tennessee coach Pat Summitt told ESPN. "And she is a woman that had fought such a hard fight, but it was always about everyone else, never about Kay."

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